Lake Mc Clure

July 23, 2012
Lake McClure
     Kokanee bite remains red hot! The 14 to 17 inch Koks are falling for Uncle Larry's spinners behind Vance's dodgers with Pro Cure scented corn.  As lake water temperature heats up the feisty Salmon are moving down in the cooler waters, down 80 to 100 feet deep.  The very scattered bigger Kokanee are holding on structure between Barretts Cove and Temperance Bay.  Not much to report on King Salmon.  Their appetites are being easily satisfied as they gorge themselves on the new shad hatch.  Lake surface temperature 80.6 degrees. 
Picture 1- Kokanee Salmon
Justina Piercy and Shawna Marquez of Fresno

Lake McClure Justina Piercy and Shawna Marquez







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