Lake Don Pedro

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King Salmon bite slowed considerably this week!  Plan on catching some shakers with a few 2 to 2 1/2 lb. fish thrown in.  The Chinooks are scattered throughout Fleming Bay and Middle Bay 80 to 100 feet.  Try using rolling shad or shad pattern Slim Fins.  Rainbow Trout action is very good!  The feisty bows are averaging 16 to 18 inches and are fairly easy to catch and are holding from surfaces to 40 feet.  Good lures to try are Uncle Larry's Pro Series Spinners and Vance's Copper Red Slim Fins.  Fleming Bay, Middle Bay near the river are some good areas to target.  Water conditions is very good with very little debris.  Look for the lake to rise as we approach summer.  Lake surface temperature is 70.1 degrees.


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